Coaching Benefits:

The Research

 “In a study by Manchester Consulting , year-long executive business coaching had a 5.7 times return on investment (ROI). After receiving executive coaching, business executives each were surveyed about the benefits they believe resulted from coaching. The results of that survey:


  • Working relationships  
    with direct reports up (77%)
  • Working relationships  
    with immediate supervisors up (71%)
  • Teamwork up (67%)
  • Working relationships  
    with peers up (63%)
  • Job satisfaction up (61%)
  • Conflict reduction down (52%)
  • Organizational commitment up (44%)
  • Working relationships  
    with clients up (37%)”  

(from the book The Coaching at WorkToolkit by Zeus and Skiffington)

How YOU Benefit

As a coach, I specialize in helping indivduals:


  • Discover, develop and maximize their personal and professional potential  
  • Help you to produce and accomplish more than you imagined possible
  • Design your self-ideal and strengthen your self-concept and self-image
  • Develop the structure, disciplines and willpower to make change happen
  • Identify and expand strategic alliances or networking opportunities
  • Develop time management and goal setting strategies that work for you
  • Balance work, family and personal life


The Coaching Process

The coaching process starts when you contact me, which gives us the chance to meet each other, talk through your objectives, and design the optimum coaching relationship for your needs. How soon do you want to change your life?

The coaching relationship is comprised of four interrelated components:


  1. Identifying developmental objectives for you, and creating an overall growth plan.
  2. Focusing in on key challenges, obstacles and choke points, and generating options and strategies to bypass or remove them.
  3. Converting general strategies into specific action steps, and developing follow-up structures to ensure timely completion.
  4. Providing energizing personal support and advocacy throughout the process.


Costs and Deliverables

In a typical coaching relationship, we meet four times per month by phone for 45-60 minutes each time, with free e-mail contact and short “spot calls” of five minutes or less between sessions as needed. In our initial intake session we’ll design the details of the relationship based on your objectives and needs.

A basic coaching contract is for six to nine months.

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