Coaching Peak Performers

Rick is a Peak Performance Coach specializing in Emotional Intelligence.  He coaches individuals and organizations to reach their potential and achieve greateness in their performance.  At 2 Levels Up Coaching, he brings his knowledge, skills, attitudes and habits that he has used with his clients to help them realize their vision in life, grow their confidence, focus on their core strengths and achieve their dreams.

Rick coaches individuals and organizations in a wide variety of areas, but he particularly targets needs related to Emotional Intelligence such as:


  • Individuals who’ve hit a ceiling/choke point in their personal and professional growth  
  • Leaders who want to improve their focus and communication skills
  • Leaders who want to regain control of work boundaries or establish balanced, sustainable life
  • Finding their core passion  


The Coaching Partnership

Coaching is first and foremost a relationship with a trusted partner who is your unconditional advocate. Rick's encouraging, forward-looking approach will keep you energized and focused on your key objectives, while together you also enjoy the journey and the celebrate your progress.


Professional Credentials

In addition to his leadership experience, Rick holds degrees in Business Administration and Theology and has completed the coaching certification program with Coach Training Alliance. Rick has powerful engagement skills in Professional Coaching synthesizes and applies his substantial experience and training to help people go from average to good, good to great and great to elite.



  • "Through my years in practicing and teaching Psychiatry and Psychoanalysis as Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Baylor College of Medicine, I know Rick as one of the more accomplished professionals I have had contact with.  I highly and unequivocally recommend him." 
  • David Krueger MD
  • "Rick is one of the best at what he does!  I highly recommend his work as a professional coach.  He has the unique ability to listen well and deeply and then ASK THE CHALLENGING QUESTIONS to bring breakthrough insights and move his clients FORWARD."
  • Don Weber, CEO
  • Infinite Empowerment LLC  


“A time comes when you need to stop waiting for the man you want to become and start being the man you want to be."

Bruce Springsteen

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